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Compact Danish Modern Rosewood Secretary / Vanity


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Don’t let the size or beauty of this compact desk fool you – it’s a powerhouse! The perfect size if you live in a smaller urban apartment or are looking for a piece to finish your dressing room, this secretary style desk has three generous sized drawers below, plus three small drawers and shelf space above.

A table pulls out in the middle to create a work surface; and there’s a drop-down door revealing cubby space. There’s even a mirror on the back of the drop-down door revealing a mirror — increasing its functionality as a vanity!

The lovely and practical design is made even more precious by the exciting rosewood, strategically placed to highlight the figuring. A very special piece of furniture that will serve you and your home in many beautiful ways.

DimensionsW: 31.75″  D: 17.5″ H: 50.75″

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