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Free Standing Adjustable Wall Units (2 Available — priced individually)


Featured at Kensington — Priced Individually

These pieces are free-standing. The walnut shelves, display boxes, and compact box of drawers all fit inside the four tall metal rods that frame the pieces.  They can be moved around to create the configuration you desire.

Place them in the middle of the room as room dividers, against the wall (or even in the corner) as storage / display cabinets, or split them up between the kid’s rooms.

Beautiful walnut contrasts with the brass toned metal rods for a very sleek, elegant and fresh modern look. Multi-functional, these units can do it all — serve as display cabinets, be room dividers, or occasional storage of keepsakes at the focal point of a room.

It’s important to note each piece has adjustable feet, which is really nice to have when floors are significantly uneven in spots.  While we do not know their manufacturer, only a higher level manufacturer would include adjustable feet of this quality, such as Herman Miller or Knoll.


Dimensions:  W: 33″  D: 18″  H: 77″ 

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