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Rare Duo of 50’s Sculptural Abstract Table Lamps w/ Double Fiberglass Shades

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This pair of Modernist table lamps is beyond fantastic. Dating to the mid-50s, each lamp has two lights on its sinuous “S” form, with fiberglass shades in wonderful condition. The form of the abstract pole is brass, which has aged to a gorgeous mellow patina; the abstract “S” shape is filled out in the curved parts with hard, molded black plastic – like Bakelite – and the hardware connecting the two materials is part of the design. Turn the switch on the black base once and light one bulb, turn it again and light the other. A third turn puts both on at the same time for maximum illumination.

There is a lot going on in this pair of lamps and it all works together for a beautiful, dynamic effect. The brass and Bakelite is a handsome combination that is complemented by the fiberglass with its black and sepia-toned markings. The markings on the shades play with the zig-zag of the lamp form to create even more movement in this pair. When lit, the lamps take on additional characteristics.

It’s rare to find lamps like this, let alone ones with shades in overall excellent condition. This is truly a wonderful find and could be an important focal point in your room. And although firmly of the 1950s, these could mix well with some other periods for an exciting mix of décor.


Dimensions: W: appx. 24.5″ D: appx. 14.25″  H: 25″ (to top of shade) 


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