» » » » The ‘BRASILINIA’ Sofa, a rare piece by Jorge Zalszupin

The ‘BRASILINIA’ Sofa, a rare piece by Jorge Zalszupin

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In a frame of rosewood with striking organic modernist grain holds the black cushions of this sofa is showcased across the entire back and on the sides. In its original supple black leather & wood buttons.

Ideally it would be placed in the middle of a room to be admired from all sides. The rosewood, aged deep, rich tones, is magnificent used like this; it really showcases the figuring in the grain. The organically curving bent rosewood frame is fastened together with brass hardware accents & sits atop six pyramidal chrome feet.

This is a very rare find and a true statement piece. The use of luxurious materials, and comfort combine to capture attention and withstand the test of time. Wonderful for hosting company or stretching out and taking a comfortable nap.

Jorge Zalszupin, who died in April 2020 at age 98, was a legendary modernist designer. Born in Poland, he fled to Bucharest to escape Nazi occupation. He studied architecture and moved to France after WWII to help re-build. He moved to Brazil in 1949 where he could have more design freedom. Zalszupin was inspired by the Danish masters, as well as modernists such as Oscar Niemayer, with whom he also collaborated.


Dimensions:  W: 82.5″  D: 36.5″  H: 25″  Seat Height: 14.5″

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