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Walnut Double-Decker | Angular Highboard | Room Divider


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  • This is a beautiful and unusual old double decker highboard in walnut
  • Both cabinets are on a forward slant, with the widest portion on the bottom cabinet
  • Top and bottom are separated by an open area which can be used for display or serving
  • Side supports are open so piece does not appear heavy, and they echo the general forward angle
  • Sliding doors each have a small round brass knob
  • Upper cabinet features small shelf running across whole length
  • Bottom cabinet has three roll out drawers on left and small shelf running across the remaining length
  • Deep, deep dark patina


Dimensions:  W: 43″  D: 19″  H: 54.5″

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To arrange purchase or for more information about the Angular Double-Decker Walnut Highboard | Room Divider please call us at 202.882.1648 or email us at info@modernmobler.com

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