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Danish Modern Rosewood Highboard

Just Arrived @ Kensington!

Thanks to its ultra minimalist design yet super luxurious wood it has a quiet dignity that allows it to stand on its own or be paired with other while enhancing its surroundings. The rosewood grain has been placed carefully across the front so that each of the doors is “decorated” with dramatic color and flair. The simplicity of the exterior design is punctuated with the spectacular graining of rosewood; the only adornments on this piece are the long oval inset handle on the middle doors, and long oval sculpted pulls on the flanking doors on the far ends.

The middle doors open to reveal an area that features rosewood backed by a mirror with an etched design, a pair of brass-supported shot glass shelving with an arrangement of 4 felt-lined small drawers with 2 larger drawers below. The right and left sliding doors reveal a total of 3 adjustable shelves for extra storage.

This high board is among some of the best examples of Danish Modern design that combines beauty, fine materials and functionality in one gorgeous piece of furniture


Dimensions:  W: 78.75″  D: 18.5”  H: 45”

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To arrange purchase or for more information about the Danish Modern Rosewood Highboard w/ Mirrored Bar please call us at 202.882.1648 or email us at info@modernmobler.com
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