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Hans Wegner Danish Teak Adjustable (2-3 Column) Wall Unit / Room Divider for Ry Mobler


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We are extremely pleased to offer this Danish Modern teak wall unit by Hans Wegner for Ry Mobler. It offers incredible storage capability. It is completely finished on the back, so it makes the perfect room divider to define space in a large room.

Visually broken into three sections, the left and right sections have longer shelving on top with closed storage below; the middle section is about one-third the width of the other two and has shelving all the way to the floor.

Of note, the middle section can be removed so as to make an overall shorter length.

The bottom shelf on the left hand side projects out five inches farther than all the other shelves, so it can hold taller items such as bottles for a bar or tall vases filled with flowers. The cabinet on this side has a tambour door front which opens to reveal a shelved space.

The right side has a cabinet with four nicely sized drawers. Each drawer has two circular cutouts featuring a chrome bar affixed horizontally across its front to create a very distinctive handle. The bottom shelf in the middle section is as tall as the cabinets on either side so it can hold tall books or other large items.

The cabinets do not sit directly on the floor; the frame of the piece forms the legs and the cabinets appear to hover above the ground, a beautiful detail adding to the beautiful character of this piece. The teak has aged to a rich, golden patina which will blend into your room. This piece is a quiet giant, a storage workhorse that will solve many space and storage problems. It will quietly and beautiful organize your room but not takeover or dominate your space in an obtrusive way — just what you want from a piece of furniture.


Dimensions: W:  102.75″  D: 14.25″, 19.25″ (max)  H: 81.5″

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