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Poul Heltborg Danish Modern Teak Bar Cabinet


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Poul Heltborg Teak Bar Cabinet for Domus Danica

  • Functional Serving Height — So Wonderful!
  • Laminate Serving Surface
  • 10 Graduated Liquor Bottle Holders
  • Completely Finished Allowing it to be Placed Anywhere
  • 2 Storage Cabinet Compartments w/ Shelves Concealed by Sliding Doors
  • Modern Chrome Accents
  • Complimentary Assistance Available to Help Christen It
  • Cheers!


Dimensions:  W: 44.5″  D: 16.5”  H: 42″ 

For More Info
To arrange purchase or for more information about the Danish Modern Teak Vinyl / Bar Storage Cabinet  please call us at 202.882.1648 or email us at info@modernmobler.com

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