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Rare Henry P. Glass Walnut Bentwood Tambour Door Display / Bar Cabinet


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This rare storage piece features walnut bentwood to create its curved top and bottom cabinets. The grain of the walnut has been placed to highlight its beauty and the wood has aged to a deep, rich tone.

The separate display top has an inset case with two glass doors. The top of the case can be used as a shelf, in addition to the shelf below within the curve of the upper piece.

The bottom cabinet, also curved, is wider than the upper piece. The top surface has a lip around the curves on either end, which stop above the tambour door. The tambour slats on the doors are rather wide, providing a significant design detail on this interesting minimalist piece. The legs have been “cut out” from the bentwood, lifting the piece off the ground. Inside there is a shelf for storage on the right and an open space on the left.

This piece of furniture could be used in many ways — as a sideboard for storing dishes and serving pieces, as a display piece to show off a collection of glass or pottery, or as a bar cabinet. It is a unusual and beautiful as it is useful.


Dimensions:  W: 52″  D: 18”   H: 65.5″

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